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Energize and Celebrate May Day

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——Staff activity highlights of GLARE-LED in April 2018

In order to reflect the spirit of enterprise, strengthen unity and cooperation, promote communication, and build an excellent staff team. Shenzhen Glare-LED Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Glare-LED) organized all the staffs to carry out the April 2018 team cohesion activities on the afternoon of April 27.


All staffs gathered with careful preparation at basketball court before 6:00 pm. The banner was meaning flourishedbusiness of Glare-LED, the props were carrying tension and excitement, the prizes were placed on full expectations, and everyone smiled with joy.


Three games included in this activity--Group and Walk, Balloon Blasting, Yugong Remove the Mountain.




Team collaboration ability is tested in group and walk. Groups of five, left or right legs tied together, two groups standing side by side on the starting line, hear the start command and walk forward together. If any people fall down in the process, the group must start over again until the end, rank according to the time spent in each group, shorter time better group. The group members walked side by side and hands in arms, awkwardness against tenacity, sweat filled with laughter. There is a saying: Everybody's business is nobody's business. And there is another saying: Two heads are better than one. This game can make a clear view of teaming and collaboration spirit.


Balloon blasting is the highlight of this activity. Groups of nine,three persons are in charge of blowing balloons, four carry balloons, two break the balloons, the balloon blowers should not take the balloon but the other one take it. Otherwise it’s foul. After the balloon is blown, it is handed over to the balloon carriers. The balloon should be backed to the persons who squeezes the balloon at the finishing line. The the balloon squeezers blast the balloons by their chests rather than by hands. Otherwise it’s foul and uncounted. The group will be win which blasted the most balloons. Blowing, bundling, carrying and blasting must be coherent. The two teams are chasing each other, but it’s hard to tell which was better for a while. All of them play match with our company’s morale. Finally, the group which united by most of beauties win the game. As the saying goes: Women are no inferior to men!


The game of Yugong Remove the Mountain did not remove a real mountain, but it’s not easy as well. Groups of ten, breathe in with your mouth through the straw and carry a ping-pong ball from pot A to pot B(the distance between the two pots is four meters.) All group members do it one by one. The ball should not be touched by body in whole process, otherwise it’s be foul and will be deducted from total score. The winner will be the group which carry the most balls. This game is the biggest challenge for vital capacity and stability of players. You have to breathe in deeply, hold breathing and walk steadily to carry the ball to destination. All the players were red-faced and suffocating after a hard race. At the end, there were 5 members have completed the execution and won the prizes.


One team one mind. Glare-LED devote to build a team that dare to fight tough and win victory. To create an excellent team and contribute outstanding products, Glare-LED will be able to create a brilliant future in the field of outdoor / traffic LED applications.


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