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2020 06-17
Glare-Led will build LED intelligent transportation, Together with you! Traffic guidance signs can be seen everywhere, but you cannot see too many large screens with "electronic navigation" for real-time traffic. The large LED display screen produced by Glare-Led is intelligent and user-friendly. It c...
2020 06-17
The Second Quarter Staff Meeting--2020 Fire Safety Training and Exercises for all Employees On June 11, 2020, Shenzhen Glare-Led Co., Ltd held the second quarter of this year's employee meeting and 2020 fire safety training and exercises for all employees on the ground floor playground. This conference h...
2020 05-27
On the Road of Struggle, Love Lets us Grow Together -- Birthday Party of Glare-LED Employees (Jan&Feb&March) There is a culture, moistening things silent; There is a love, quietly into the heart; We are lucky to be together in our most beautiful years. For the dream in the heart, we together fight and rush. In the time of struggle in Gla...
2020 03-20
Under the outbreak, the Glare-LED is in action. Scene 1: Glare-LED employees carefully wash their hands following the seven steps Scene 2: Employees line up to take their temperature Scene 3...
2020 01-14
Going forward hand in hand, building dreams-Glare New Year Party Spring returned, fresh starts for everything.At six o'clock on the night of January 10, 2020.2020 New Year Party and 2019 Employee Recognition Conference of Shenzhen Glare-led Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd grandly opening in the lobby on the fi...
2018 10-15
Intelligent traffic outstanding Glare-LED LED Variable speed limit screen Layout Jilin Expressway Network Recently, Glare-LED 100 sets of LED variable speed limit screen layout Daguang, Fuchang, Heda, Hunwu, Jingha, Changping high-speed, for Jilin Province Expressway road network "screen" Tim Smart style, build a security barrier.
2018 10-15
Glare-LED Front Service LED display to play outdoor ads realistic more walk heart The correct opening mode of the front maintenance--led display With the unprecedented prosperity of outdoor advertising industry, the advantages of pre-maintenance LED display will become increasingly apparent. Glare-LED Front Service LED display, LED outdoor advertising market reliable choice.
2018 10-15
Glare-LED 14th annual Shanghai International led show the new era of intelligent display September 19, the 14th Shanghai International LED exhibition (led China 2018) at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center, the grand opening curtain, Shenzhen Glare-LED Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. participated in the three-day wisdom display ceremony, showing a representative and forward-looking LED Smart Display products.
2018 08-25
2018CTSE exhibition Glare-LED Intelligent Traffic is a solo show The China International Road Traffic Safety Product Exposition (2018CTSE) falls on August 17 Curtain, Glare-LED, Dahua, Seewor and so on nearly 450 industry brands exhibited own product, about 50000 merchants observe this industry grand event.
2018 05-24
Glare-led sincerely invite you to visit 2018 China ITS InterTraffic Expo 2018 China ITS InterTraffic Expo LEADER OF ENERGY SAVING LED DISPLAY China*Beijing China International Exhibition Center(New Hall) Glare-led sincerely invite you to visit our company, and we will be proud of you!
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